Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Marsh on Bachmann

Local rockstar journo Steve Marsh is in D.C. to interview epic wingnut, Michele Bachmann. Based on Marsh's hilarious Facebook status updates and tweets this morning, we expect the article will be comedy gold.

Marsh status update: "I'm wearing my magenta AmAppy underwears to the Congresswoman's office just so I can keep it loose and feel sexy out there, Nuke LaLoosh-style."

Marsh via Twitter: "Just went through security with a murder of Mormons (they're all wearing black). Their leader: 'Be reverent once you get inside!'"

Local peeps offered questions for Marsh to ask Bachmann, here are a few of our faves:

Michael Nicolas Delgado: Ask her if her tits are real.

Katy Morley: I'd like a detailed account of her childhood diet.

Ana Clara Voog: ask her how she killed her soul.

Judy Carter Grundstrom: I thought her husband was one of those people who tried to make gay people straight (which makes me think that she is probably married to a gay guy). Is this true?

Speaking of Bachmann, City Pages recently posted an article entitled "Michele Bachmann's 10 Biggest 'Oh no she didn't' Moments." The best part? The image that accompanied the article!

Image from
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