Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hot. Hot. Heat.

In case you missed it, Vita.mn announced their annual Hotness Contest last week.

The rules are simple: Know someone who defines hotness? Nominate them!
Alexis McKinnis, aka Girl Friday aka Alexis on the Sexes started a little discussion on Vita.mn where she laid out a few additional rules like "get your nominee's permission" and "no professional hot people." We particularly like that last one. Also, you can't nominate Alexis' mom.

Last year's hotties were all across the board: scientists, indie rock stars, travel directors, etc, etc, so we are excited to see who gets nominated this year. If you do have somebody in mind, make sure they have great personality as well; Vita.mn peeps had one- on-one interviews with the finalists last year just to make sure the hotties are not only good looking, but have great personalities as well. Yes, it's not all about being beautiful on the outside!

In the end, even if you don't participate in the contest, you MUST come the final party where the winners are announced. Last year's party at the W was a smashing success! See for yourself and count the hotties if you can.

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