Wednesday, December 8, 2010

1419 Needs Your Help

1419, an interdisciplinary art space located in downtown Minneapolis, is in danger of losing its space. The folks behind 1419 posted messages on their Faceebook/Twitter pages, asking for our support: "...if you value 1419 and would like to see it stick around, please visit our website (which is '1419', then a dot, then 'us') and consider donating to us."

What happened? According to a separate e-mail we've received, funding is becoming a bit of a problem:

We've been having some tough times making rent money to pay for our storefront space. Partly as a consequence of our November fundraising event falling flat as a result of running straight into that ugly ice-storm the other week (hope you all stayed safe), 1419 is in danger of losing our space. We need a hand to be able to hold on to our building, to stay vital and to keep programming free events and programs that support and enrich our community.

To learn more and donate go to

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