Monday, December 27, 2010

How the Grinch (Almost) Stole Christmas

You've probably heard the story of Pedro Flores: Flores stole dozens of Christmas packages from doorsteps in St. Paul's West End neighborhood (designer robes, clothing, a scooter, a Nintendo Wii sports package and other gift items sent via FedEx). Luckily, Flores has been arrested and charged with one count of felony theft by the Ramsey County attorney's office. Some of the stolen items were retrieved, some were not. Snyder family, authors of The Snyder 5 blog, were amongst Flores' "victims" and here's what they posted on December 24th:

The police officer explained that he didn't say what he had done with the goods, but in all likelihood, he had taken them to a bar and sold them.

Which is all fine and good. Well not really, it still sucks. But for those of you who read the story earlier in the week, you might recall that I didn't say what was in the boxes. I just said that they were very personal items that would mean nothing to anyone else.

Because they were bathrobes. Really nice, heavy, personalized bathrobes. For all 12 of us, ranging from size 3T to adult sizes.

So the thought of this guy hitting skeezy bars offering personalized bathrobes for sale is alternately horrifying and hilarious.


Yup, that was us. We are the expensive bathrobe people.

And the (expensive bathrobe) havenots...

Too. Funny. Read more here.

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