Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekend Twitterings

Everybody, welcome to another edition of Weekend Twitterings! We bring you a few important updates this time, like where in town you can still buy Four Loko and what exactly is 'Satan Sauce". We also share a delish cocktail recommendation and help one of our reader with his "Twitter anxiety." Enjoy!

Hey, dogs celebrate Christmas too! Or, do they?

Pauly D's appearance at Epic was.. epic!


Yes, yes!

That's heavy.

Did Barbara go Britney Spears on us this weekend?

We didn't!

OMG is right!



Aw, he lobes us.

Can you say cold?

Yep, pretty much. #jubilee

This is dangerous business.

Hellz yeah! (They even talked about LOL/OMG!)

You made it buddy!

Submitted by @marrina.

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