Sunday, December 12, 2010

Metrodome collapses!

So didya hear? The Metrodome collapsed this morning. And thankfully Fox News was there to capture it in all its epic glory. Guess it's time for the new Vikings stadium debate to heat up again.

GAMEON! has the scoop on how Fox got the, er, scoop.

Via Metromix on Facebook

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  1. What is the headless horseman type ghost thing that pops up at the 10 second mark galloping down the far side line!?!?!? Behind the far bench.

  2. eek! Yeah, what WAS that? The ghost of Hubert Humphrey?

  3. The Vikings were fortunate that this occurred prior the game, because this would have been a disaster if the game was in progress at the time.

  4. ugh. people who don't realize that snow gets CLEARED from the roof long before any game would take place are morons.

    there's no way this would have ever happened during a game.