Thursday, December 23, 2010

TRON Guy Scandal

James Lileks posted an update on Twitter this morning regarding Jay Maynard, aka the TRON Guy, that immediately caught our attention:

No! Lileks followed up with Maynard and got more information on the "incident":

What happened was TMZ, they wanted me to get pictures appearing at the theater in costume. I was going to go to the 3d theater in Mankato up at the mall. I saw it here at Fairmont, where the theater doesn’t do it justice, so I was going to go see it at a good theater. It’s a 50 mile drive, and I thought it probably best not to spring them on it cold. I called the theater and asked, and they said they would greatly prefer that I not.

See more here and here.

Really, Mankato???

Submitted by @marrina.

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  1. I cannot even read the name "Tron Guy" without thinking "Mooseknuckle".