Tuesday, December 14, 2010

City Pages slims down to Vita.mn-sized

We hate to stir the pot when it comes to competing publications, but we just couldn't pass up the bit of news that City Pages has slimmed its publication down by 7 percent. As MinnPost points out, it's now about the size of Vita.mn.

MinnPost says: "As you can see below, City Pages' new size is now nearly identical to its sharply designed entertainment-side competitor Vita.mn (though the latter is not trimmed or stapled). Bartel says editorial changes include "more space to food and restaurant news and reviews, and expanded the music and concerts section"; some simple listings have been moved to citypages.com.

Bauer also notes in his article: "Bartel says CP's owner, Village Voice Media, did not dictate the new format, though many of the chain's papers have "made the change for the same reasons."

Via Simon Peter Groebner on Facebook

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  1. smaller, yet still far superior.

  2. I love that this is cast as some kind of servile stylistic affectation. Does a drowning body mimic the derelict wastes toward which it sinks? If VitaMn is the harbinger of the resurrected alt-weekly, which might live once more in the guise of mute suck-pander, it is mainly to be valued for teaching the dying the importance of staying dead.