Tuesday, December 28, 2010

501 Club to close on January 8th

Yes, it's true. One of our favorite hangouts in town, the 501 Club, is shuttering after just two years due to high overhead associated with the downtown location.

The bar posted this on their website today:

Sadly, the 501 club will be closing its doors after Saturday January 8th. We have had lots of great memories and done lots of great things over the 2 years which makes it such a difficult and sad event. Thank you everybody who has been a part of the club as artists, customers and employees. Make sure to stop by and have brunch one last time or just to see your fave bartender. Lets have a great last few weeks at the 501 and send the place off right.

Despite its relatively short lifespan, all the good times we've had at the art-centric live music venue are experiences that will stick with us. Local bands of all genres have graced the small stage of the 501, a place known for its eclectic and locally-sourced lineups, as well as its generally no-cover admission.

Co-owner Jon Oulman sent out a bittersweet status update via Facebook today:

On a personal note, co-owner Jarret Oulman was integral in helping us craft the original concept of our monthly LOL/OMG meetups at the club, which have been some of our favorite Thursday nights on record. The Oulmans still retain their Northeast companion piece, the 331 Club. Previously scheduled shows at the 501 will likely be moved to other venues (and yes, we will be moving our monthly meetup to a new location TBD - feel free to offer suggestions in the comments section!)

Upcoming shows at the 501:

Dec 28th: Cyn Hosts: Humanda
Dec 29th: 501 Mini-Series w/ Turn Back Now!
Dec 31st: NYE Throwdown w/ Sims & Kristoff Krane
Jan 1st: Zoo Animal w/ Tyler Burkum (all ages)
Jan 2nd: 501 Trivia / Music TBA
Jan 6th: LOL/OMG Meetup (yay! That's us!)
Jan 7th: Buildings, Central Division, Desert Vest, Safewords
Jan 8th: Last 501 Brunch (10am-2pm) / Curtiss A / Elvis Birthday Party (9:30)

UPDATE: Andrea Swensson at Gimme Noise has more details on the closing HERE.

All the Pretty Horses play the LOL/OMG Meetup #5 at the 501 / photo by Erik Hess

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