Monday, December 13, 2010

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures: Blizzard Edition

Matt Guertin says what we're all thinking. Snow slide show at City Pages here.

Baseball and winter don't mix. Photo by Stephanie Glaros.

They are giving up in Highland Park! More snow photos on the Pi Press site here.

@tdrichter snaps an adorbz pic of his snowy pup.

@jasonmatheson posts a pic of a pretty chilly patio party!

Wynona Grey of the Minneapolis Affair blog snaps a great shot. p.s.-We just discovered this blog and it's awesome.

The beat always goes on at Hum's. Photo by Marcus Metropolis.

Awww! @kareemy's pup does NOT look excited about going outside.

@Joshua_Carlon captured this "100% real picture of the blizzard" over the weekend. LOL!

A try and a fail. Photo by @fivesixzero

The blizzard did not succeed in stopping love this weekend! Photo by @tomhorgen

@4iphoto captures a serene shot. Sweet composition!

Colleen Guenther snaps some lovely snow drifts.

Chris McDuffie captures the snowy scene in St. Paul.

Stephanie Davila happened upon some poor sucker's car near downtown Mplz.

Elliot Manthey and his bud kept warm by drinking at the BLB, along with everyone else in Uptown.

Fashion 1, Snow 0. Photo by Pouty Petals.

Adam Mehl was prepared for the snow-in.

Rob Shellman didn't have any problems during the storm. Viva la Jeep!

Molly Carleen Hildebrand gets "snowed in."

Sharyn Morrow vs. the Snow Monster.

Robyn Lewis is clearly prepared for snow removal...with a broom.

Greg Foley: The Ice Man Cometh!

Ben Clark and Andrea Swensson bundle up for a post-blizzard wine expedition.

It snowed almost a whole garden gnome this weekend. Photo by Trixi Michelle Hunter.

Ben Heywood sees the light at the end of the blizzard.

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