Monday, December 6, 2010

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Brian Hart gets some awesomely arty snow shots!

Peter Lee stopped into Palmer's this weekend and got a sweet shot of post-punkers Frances Gumm.

Nicholas J. Longtin discovers a winter graffiti wonderland down by the river.

Paul Teravskis runs into a Lego robot.

Danica Andler made her OWN French Macaroons: Rosewater buttercream!

Erik Hess snaps All the Pretty Horses at the LOL/OMG Meetup on Thursday!

Steve Cohen captures the vibe at the New Standards Holiday show at the Fitz. Full slideshow at City Pages here.

Kelsey Johnston visits the studio of Allen Brewer and Pam Valfer. Full article on Secrets of the City here.

Stephen Stephens snaps the action at WAMarchy.

Hal Lovemelt struts his stuff at Freaky Deeky Live at the Entry. Photo by Denis Jeong. Full slideshow at City Pages here.

Andy DuCett gets Christmasy!

Apparently it was "Infusion Wednesday" at Phillips Distilling. #want

Paul Duhram snaps a bizarre pic of a Pillsbury Doughboy with a holiday wreath embedded in its stomach. What?

Thomas Maddux wins the best new profile pic of the week award!

And our WTF pic o' the week comes courtesy of Juleana Enright.

Tumi Nguyen goofs around this weekend. Photo by Daisy Nguyen.

Jay Gabler's Christmas...plant.

Beth Loraine Bowman upgrades her cast to purple.

Jon Nelson gets his Christmas tree the old fashioned way.

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