Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vita.mn Hotness Contest: The Ringers

Each year, Vita.mn puts on a contest that pits hot people against other hot people - no uggos allowed! Sounds terrible, right? Well, perhaps in theory. But we can't help but think it's sorta fun, especially when you factor in all the notable locals that get nominated each year. We've crafted a list of our top picks for the Vita.mn Hotness Contest, and although we tend to go for substance over structured cheekbones, we have to admit, we do appreciate a good hottie!

And the ringers are...

Miss Palmer

We don't know who she is, what she does, or even what her first name is. But "Miss Palmer" had us at naked-in-a-tub-filled-with-fruit. Her nominator quips, "Miss Palmer is humorously unstable, notoriously sly and a master debater! She is sooo hot she has to sit in a tub of fruit salad to cool off! Hungry anyone?" Yes. Yes we are.

Vote for Miss Palmer HERE

Blake Iverson

We love Blake Iverson (no relation to our editor!) not only because he's a smart, smokin' hot specimen of a man, but he's an avid arts lover and supporter (an attribute we appreciate above and beyond the superficial). Blake co-owns Friedman/Iverson - a law firm that has a special focus on legal assistance for creative types. He's also an active participant and regular volunteer in the local arts community. We think that's pretty cool..er, hot.

Vote for Blake HERE

Jay Gabler

The Twin Cities Daily Planet Arts Editor is not only fun to look at, but he's a blast to talk to as well. A prolific journalist and man-about-town, Jay's always got some clever insights and hilarious anecdotes to share - just reference his Twitter feed if you don't believe us! Adorably handsome yet approachable; kind and smart as a whip, Jay is definitely a ringer for this year's "Hotness" contest.

Vote for Jay HERE


We have no clue who the mysterious "Shawna" is, but her pink thigh high boots, sequined mini-dress, sleek black bob and bangin' bod make us seriously jealz. Her nominator schpiels, "She's super cool and kind with a great sense of style with a great personality!" Which, in essence, pretty much doesn't give us any specific details, but regardless, Shawna is one hot mammie!

Vote for Shawna HERE

Naures Sager

This stylish Swedish hottie and filmmaker recently transplanted to Minnesota to work as an Au Pair, but that doesn't stop him from painting the town red on the weekends! You may have seen Naures dancing up a storm at Jetset, mingling at art openings or rockin' out at live shows. Head to toe, this swarthy babe ought to be a shoe-in for the hotness contest.

Vote for Naures HERE

Cadillac Kolstad

When this West Bank regular isn't tickling the ivories, his classic good looks and signature pompadour get the ladies all in a tizzy. We fully agree with his nominator, who describes Cadillac as a "modern day incarnation of Jerry Lee Lewis!" Musically talented AND easy on the eyes? We can dig it.

Vote for Cadillac HERE

Meredith Westin

Meredith is not only a tall drink of water, but she's as sweet as they come. A prolific and talented photographer, whose work is regularly seen on the web-pages of the TC Daily Planet and more, this lovely lass can regularly be found at shows snapping iconic images of our favorite local rock stars. After a brief stint overseas, the shutterbug is back and ready to sweep the Hotness contest!

Vote for Meredith HERE

Mark McGee

Mark makes all the chicks swoon each and every Wednesday at Nick & Eddie, where he runs the weekly H.U.N.X. night. The dude who one of our friends regularly describes as "the hottest man in Minneapolis," has dreamy looks as well as major musical talent. Mark's projects include bands To Kill a Bourgeoisie and Marijuana Deathsquads, plus he slings bad ass party jams under the moniker of DJ MAKR. Hotness personified.

Vote for Mark HERE.

Dave Campbell

Like his nominator says, "Every guy wants to be him, and every lady wants to be with him." And we can't help but agree. The charismatic 89.3 The Current radio host is not only cool as all get out, but he's pretty darn easy on the eyes as well. As savvy as he is suave, this tall, dark and bearded babe helms popular radio program "The Local Show" and can be regularly spotted out and about making the Minneapolis scene. Dave Campbell for president...er, we mean Hotness Contest!

Vote for Dave HERE.

Elliot Manthey

You may have seen uber-cutie Elliot bartending at the Red Stag or rockin' out as the drummer for awesome local band Satellite Voices. A dude as funny as he is charming and talented, Elliot's biting wit is almost as appealing as his rosy cheeks! Like his nominator says, "the real beauty of Elliot is that he doesn't realize just how hot he is." So give a guy something to be cocky about and vote Elliot for Hotness 2011!

Vote for Elliot HERE


Recently named l'etoile's best "OMG Tweeter" of 2010, Meatpit (real name: Alicie Zobbe-Hogdal) is not only one of the most hilarious peeps in town, but she's also pretty damn hawt. The saucy babe can be seen out and about at rock shows and parties, always full of vim and vigor - just the way we like our broads. Her nominator aptly quips, "Just like Jem, she is totally totally totally outrageous." And we completely agree.

Vote for Meatpit HERE

Hannah von der Hoff

Oh, baby! We love us some Hannah. The curvaceous, multi-talented red head is truly one-of-a-kind. Not only does she hold a special place in our hearts, having modeled on multiple occasions for l'etoile, but she's got a one of the most sparkly, winning personalities in the Twin Cities. A singer, songwriter, model, stylist, artist and more (yes, there's always more where Hannah is concerned) the fiery babe nearly inspires riots wherever she goes, due to her uber-mega-hotness. If Hannah doesn't at least get into the top 10, we'll lose our faith in America.

Vote for Hannah HERE

Jared Zachary

It's no surprise Jared was once an occasional Vision model. The tall and lean gent has since moved into another area of the fashion industry with his neckwear label, Freedom From Doubt. Apparently, he also sings and plays guitar - swoon! As his nominator says, "No need to keep it in your pants ladies...this bachelor is single and ready to mingle."

Vote for Jared HERE

Tucker Gerrick

A fine art photographer, Familia Skateshop GM, and party starter, Tucker has been a fixture of the local art, DJ and skate scenes for years. (He also was l'etoile's pick for 2010 Bachelor of the Year). He also happens to be a total sweetheart and a sexy mo-fo. If you want to check him out for yourself, he heads up the monthly Typoscura Hump Night at Red Stag the last Wednesday of every month.

Vote for Tucker HERE

Angie Arner

You've probably seen Angie out and about at local fashion events, always turned out in a curve-hugging dress, smoky eyes, and a friendly smile. A triple force, Angie is an ambitious entrepreneur (she founded eco-friendly clothing line CounterCouture), volunteers her skills for a non-profit (she serves as the Publicity Director for MNfashion), and total hottie.

Vote for Angie HERE

Kate Burgau

Whether you frequent local rock shows, art openings or some of the Twin Cities' finest eateries, you'll recognize the angelic being that is Kate Burgau. The lovely lady always has a kind word and warm smile on her face - and, as her nominator says, "it doesn't hurt that she creates art that is as beautiful and luminous as she is." We can't say we don't agree!

Vote for Kate HERE

Dory Kahalé

Even if we didn't already know of Dory from the local electronic music scene where he's known as Dirty McKenzie, we'd be LOLing at his submission photo. Not only is he one of the most well-reputed DJs in town, he's also "hilarious, creative, inappropriate, and self-deprecating," according to his nominator. Oh, and music-loving ladies are sure to appreciate his extensive music library.

Vote for Dory HERE

The Bitchelor

How could we not include one of our own? Robyn Lewis, also known as "The Bitchelor" is l'etoile's music editor, an LOL/OMG tipster, a band booker and one of Club Jag's sassiest bartenders. And although it wasn't us who nominated her, we think Robyn is definitely hotness x 100! You've likely seen her on the local music scene, rockin' out with the best of 'em; you may have even been privy to her extreme sarcastic hilarity at a party. She's friendly, adorable, and holds the title of the most whip smart peep we know. Robyn's got our vote for Hotness 2011!

Vote for The Bitchelor HERE

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  1. Thanks, LOL OMG. Y'know, many of our nominees are worthy even if you don't know 'em. Glad you found at least two!

  2. Whatever it takes to help get people over to the site to vote, right?

  3. Obviously, Simon, but we can only fit in so many. I personally know about half of them on our list - all movers and shakers not JUST pretty faces. You're welcome for the promotion. -Kate

  4. technically Mark McGee/makr's dj name is DJ Matt St. Germain. and Matt St. Germain's dj name is DJ mark Mcgee. juuuust fyi. it would be a huge injustice if he doesnt win.

    and yes, I too am flattered, thank you

  5. Actually I wish I had you guys writing their pitches instead of the usual "OMG he's beautiful on the inside as well as the out!" And I did say thanks.

  6. I don't know, man, I thought "she makes sure that her hair is straight enough and that her face looks acceptable for herself and others." was a preeetty good pitch