Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Local does Tea Party karaoke on Jimmy Fallon

We just got a tip that Billy Whalen, local marketing manager for Glaceau/Vitaminwater, board member for the young professional board The Scene over at the Hennepin Theatre Trust, and general man about town, found his way onto Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Monday for an impromptu karaoke competition while in New York on business. Though Whalen didn't take home the prize, we think he did a bang-up job with the made-up Obama-inspired song called "Where's the Birth Certificate?" in honor of the recent Tea Party convention. Here's Whalen with Fallon:

And here's Whalen wailing away, with The Roots and Joe Satriani as his backing band, natch:

The full episode is available here, and Whalen's song starts around the 11:00 minute mark. In a coincidental twist, Whalen is part of the events board with Hennepin Theatre Trust that is planning an event around Jimmy Fallon's upcoming performance at Orpheum Theatre on March 6.

UPDATE: A campaign to have Whalen named the rightful winner of the karaoke contest has gone viral on Facebook. Whalen fans are saying, "Jimmy Fallon, Give Billy his GPX Karaoke System!" (The prize of the contest.)

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