Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Twitterings

Welcome to the new edition of Weekend Twitterings, the collection of best and worst of your weekend tweets. Metro Magazine's Fashion Fight Night stirred up a lot of funny tweets this Saturday. Read away!

The Tweet Wall was buzzin' at Metro's Fashion Fight Night 4.


C'mon, that's a totally legit reason to be late.

@youlovestook deserves a triple-tweet.

This guy had a great time with the Situation.

She didn't.

We know!

It's a miracle!

Somehow we can totally picture Brother Ali in a candle lit bubble bath, listening to Sade.

Our advice? Wear a Flava Flav clock. It will distract people.

And this sort of thing is exactly why we love @winnerbowzer.

Meathead mating ritual?

Did you decode why the symbol for Cancer looks like 69?


Submitted by @marrina and @letoilemagazine

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