Tuesday, February 2, 2010

MN at the Oscars

Ah, it's Oscars time again! Nominations for the 82nd Academy Awards were announced today and the general opinion is that it is the most satisfying list of nominees in a long time. There is literally something for everybody, especially now that the Best Picture category has been expanded to 10 nominees. ( OK, Avatar maybe didn't deserve 9 noms, but that doesn't mean anything, right?) Before you go and make a decision who you want to route for, check out the MN Film TV Twiter updates form this morning.

Apparently, several Oscar front-runners share a Minnesota connection!

Walter Kirn (who spent most of his childhood in Taylors Falls and Marine on St. Croix) wrote the book "Up in The Air" in 2001. Movie adaptation, directed by Jason Reitman received 6 nominations, all in major categories such as Best Picture and Best Director.

Congratulations indeed! Docter definitely has something to be proud of: "Up" 's Best Picture nod for an animated film is the first since Beauty and the Beast in 1991! Pixar's latest hit received 5 nominations.

This movie IS Minnesota! The Coen Brothers shot "A Serious Man" in the Twin Cities metro area in the fall of 2008. The production employed over 130 Minnesota crew members, numerous Minnesota actors and hundreds of extras.

Fingers crossed for Minnesota at the Oscars!

BONUS: If you want to celebrate/watch the Oscars in style on March 7th, check out the Official Oscar Night 2010 Party at the Hotel Ivy. We're totally going....our LOL/OMG and l'etoile editor is the publicist for the the event!

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