Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Link of the Day

Thanks to tips from local fashionistas Juleana Enright and Jane Belfry we became aware of Katie, a 5-year-old fashion blogger that Racked.com hired to cover New York Fashion Week. Cute? Definitely. Legit? We're not so sure about that.

Comparisons to the fashion blogging sensation Tavi (who is 13 and blogs over at Style Rookie) are understandable, but in our humble opinion- Katie cannot and should not compete with Tavi. Want proof? Please compare how these two youngsters talk about fashion:

Katie :"I met Carlota, the vice president of Hautelook, and I interviewed her about her job. I told her my favorite color is turquoise, like the flower on her necklace. Then I put on some glitter make-up and lip gloss, talked on my favorite pink phone, and checked my email."

Tavi (in her Marc Jacobs review): "The fabrics moved nicely. The models resembled the tiny graceful figurines that spin in an opened jewelry box, or the human sums of numerous collages crafted by young dreamers out of magazine clippings and backyard finds. There was a clear air of foggy nostalgia that drifted throughout the room, clinging to coattails in shades of pale yellow and grey."

See what we mean? The only thing we can conclude is that Racked.com "hired" Katie as a part of some elaborate PR ploy to get some publicity and sorta make fun of the entire Tavi craze...What are your thoughts - Team Tavi or Team Katie?

Submitted by @marrina.