Tuesday, February 23, 2010

MPR set to world premiere a new Prince tune this Friday...and it's not a Vikings fight song!

MPR tweeted some fun news this morning! Apparently, his royal purpleness is set to debut a brand new track on 89.3 the Current on Friday morning at 7am!

The Current dishes, "The song is called "Cause and Effect," and it's a rocker - filled with virtuosic guitar work, explosive drum breaks, a poppy chorus, trademark shrieks and whoops, some intriguing lyrics ("if I had the chance to do it all again / I wouldn't change a thing except my next of kin") and a call to mankind ("you need compassion"). Opening with Prince's classic pop smarts, the last minute of the tune swerves into a propulsive minor key guitar/strings/drum workout like we haven't heard from him in years."

Yet another reason to love Prince AND the Current. We can't wait to hear it, though the odds of us being awake at 7am on Friday morning are relatively slim, honestly. Thank god for mp3s, eh?

We wish he'd bring back the assless chaps. Can MPR arrange this?
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  1. Should give Jill Riley and Steve Seel something else to talk about for a week.