Monday, February 22, 2010

Marsh on Bachmann , part deux.

Remember when Steve Marsh did that interview with Michele Bachmann? You know, the one where she talked about AR-15's, John Wayne and Thoreau? Bachmann apparently loved it so much that she started repeatedly referring to Steve's opening sentence where he calls her a "political monster." In a recent FOX Business news bit, the "monster" was mentioned again, which led to MinnPost publishing the video on their website today, Marsh responded with his own take on the matter (see comments section in the MinnPost article). FYI, Nancy Pelosi didn't tell him to call her a monster, Slavoj Zizek did. For clarification, watch this brief video featuring the famous philosopher and culture theorist:

Here's the CNN video where they talk about Steve's article (forward to the 3:50 mark)

Has Bachmann seen this video or is she taking things completely out of context, which Marsh believes is the case? We don't know. But you know what would be great? If Zizek actually responded. Who can make that happen? Marsh?

Submitted by @marrina.

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  1. Wait, she called Speaker Pelosi a "high-value target," did she not? That trumps any other dialogue about this clip.

    But anyway, hey marshy how does it feel to contribute to the dialogue in such a bizzare, twisted way? Fox News is onto you, you America hater.