Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend Twitterings

While you guys watch watching the Super Bowl, we went into our Twitter feeds to dig out the best and worst tweets from the last three days. Enjoy, the new edition of Weekend Twitterings is here!

They have salad at McDonalds?

The Superbowl would have been a lot more appealing to us if @artcrank was doing the commentary.

Nope, he was dumpster diving.


Your grandma is a rock star.

We admit we're addicted to the internet, but we still don't get the Farmville craze either (don't hate mail us!)

And you thought being a DJ was easy.

There is one word to describe this: EPIC.

This sounded like a really romantic thing to do.

Not to him.

@ArtsOrbit's Dad keeps it real.

WHO is it?? Hint: Alexis already crushed our hopes that it's our own Chris Larson (gay) or Trent (married) when she tweeted earlier in the week that the winner is single and is lookin' for ladies!

That is a bit early buddy.

Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Pretty much perfect.

Submitted by @marrina and @letoilemagazine


  1. You never watched that video on YouTube of the elephants painting?? And it didn't stir your emotions a *little bit*?

    What are you guys, MONTY BURNS??

  2. Jon, I bawled for an hour afterward.

  3. Haven't you guys heard of Pink Elephants on Parade? Sheesh!

  4. Wait, what? HOW did that elephant paint a portrait of itself??? how! That Elephant paints better than I can.

    p.s.-Thanks you guys...I just wasted like 30 minutes watching sad elephant videos on YouTube.

  5. See? I knew it was just that you guys didn't know which elephant paintings I meant!

    The crazy thing is that it's more than one elephant. It's not like one prodigy. And they all paint in different styles. Some are realists, some abstract, some portrait painters, and some have no talent and just copy pictures.