Sunday, February 21, 2010

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Twinsies? Photo by Sean Smuda.

If you missed l'etoile's 'Paper Hearts' party on Valentine's Day fear not, Nic Harper snapped pics of all the anonymous "love" notes post on the wall throughout the night. This one is particularly sweet, if you ask us!

Token animal pic: We're glad to know Fashion designer Max Lohrbach likes to put costumes on his pets too.

Lauren Gantner snaps pix of pals on a party bus. Yes, a party bus.

Anthem Heart's Ken Hannigan plays around with liquid light techniques (We've heard rumblings of another Worn to be Wild party, btw!)

James Allen Graham takes a stuffed toy on a tour of Chicago.

Local designer and Project Runway alum Christopher Straub debuts a new mustachioed look. Photo by Kevin Ophoven.

In other Christopher Straub news, he gives us a sneak peek via his camera phone of some of his latest fashions, behind the scenes at a photo shoot.

Christian Erickson's son Vinny rocks out.

The lovely Apryl Electra basks in the sunny glow on a flight back to the Twin Cities.

Angie Hanson snaps a pic of the New Land of Milk and Honey performance/installation at the Soap Factory.

Photog Amanda Hankerson tweeted this puke-worthy yet fascinating pic of an Eelpout with another Eelpout in its mouth. SCREAM!!!

Darin Back captures the mood at the Dakota Jazz Club during the Alison Scott show.

plesserchick tweets this cool, gritty shot of the Pines playing at the Cakein15 secret location show on Sunday.

Submitted by @letoilemagazine

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