Sunday, February 14, 2010

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

OMG. SNEAK PEEK AT FOOT IN THE DOOR AT THE MIA!!!! Photo by erlin1. More photos here.

Photographer Betsy Monro snaps experimental electro outfit, Dearling Physique. Hott!

Vanessa Messersmith snaps this weird/cool shot of the ceiling in the new soon-to-be-opened Blacklist Vintage shop location! And yes, they are painting the ceiling before they open!

Tracey Mere captures the beauty of a Hindu dance performance.

Thomas Berg gets some spooky, snowy shots. We especially like this one because everything looks broken.

Token animal pic: Our pals Teri and Dave have a really cute dog. Look at the paw! Look at the paw!! Ha!

Our bestie, Susannah Dodge, goes to Japan and posts a million (ok, 100) pics about it, including this sweet shot from her hotel balcony. posts this fitting V-Day pic of Judy Eggen giving Valentine to Arthur Haas, kindergartners at Loring School, Minneapolis, Valentine’s Day. 1933 by Minnesota Historical Society.

City Pages sends B Fresh Photography to the Smitten Kitten on a saucy photo tour with sex educator Alicia Steel. Slideshow here.

Biker Scott Puhl does a sweet (but fake) bike trick.

Antonio Collodoro captures the vibe at Rhymesayers Benefit for Haiti this past Monday. More pix at here .

The Minnesota Opera posts some cute pix of their (Behind the) Bohemian Scenes party at the Four Seasons Dance Studio.

The Floorshakers shake things up at The Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association's Fundraiser at Mario's Kellar Bar this past Thursday.

Marcus Metropolis heads to Sauce Sound Bar and snaps some great shots of Patches and Gretchen. We especially like the composition of this one with the red lighting and the exit sign.

Artist James Michael Lawrence posts this darling pic of himself and his partner with a caption: "What makes me very sad is the realization that a small few of my relatives who have a deep understanding what my growing up as a gay kid was like - all the bullying - etc. - are still choosing to cast me and my people as second-class citizens - and feel ENTITLED to do so. Today being Valentine's Day, I have a message for them: "I may love you - but - I certainly don't like or respect you!" Zing!

Jessie Stepanek snaps this cool shot of the dance floor at Clubhouse Jager over the weekend.

Jon Behm snaps some of the flashy antics at the Hotness party at the Graves Hotel this past Wednesday. More images here.

David De Young snaps an ethereal pic of a friend and her bloody mary on his King's Wine Bar of course!

Christian Erickson visits his son's school and takes some pretty cool shots of V-Day decals on the window.

Recent Hotness finalist Chris Larson and friends make not-so-hot faces at the Red Stag. Chris may not have won the crown, but he certainly wins the LOL/OMG award for best facial contortionist.

Photog Andrew Evans gets snowy industrial shot. We likey.

Take a cool shot (and upload it) this week? Submit your pix to for consideration in next week's edition of "This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures."

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