Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vampire and his underage girlfriend nabbed by police

If you've been following the disturbing saga over at City Pages this week, you've likely been baffled by the strange case involving a 16-year old runaway and epic wingnut, 44-year old Jonathan Sharkey. A self-proclaimed Satanist and vampire (and no, not the hot kind a la True Blood or Twilight) who also made a failed bid at running for governor of Minnesota awhile back, Sharkey met 16 year old Paige Brewer on an online vampire message board (where else?).

Today after arranging a meeting with social services, the police swung in and nabbed the girl and her vamp, who are being held for questioning. Apparently, no actual crime has been committed, as Sharkey claims the two have not had sex, but public outcry and the extreme creepiness of the whole situation -- not to mention the fact that Brewer is an underage runaway -- are grounds for an intervention.

Hopefully this girl comes to her senses with the help of her family! We can only imagine how embarrassing this story will be for her in a few years. A classic case of "What the hell was I thinking?" if you ask us.

Here's a creeptastic/embarrassing vid of Sharkey proposing the Brewer via YouTube.

Here's a hilar pic of the vamp wrapped in a blanket, weilding a sword.

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