Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We can't believe this is a news story

Thanks to the tip from Stuff About Minneapolis we heard of this WCCO story about a woman who had a nasty movie going experience. Sarah Kohl-Leif 's troubles started when she realized the theater only accepts cash or checks and the on-site ATM was out of cash. She borrowed the money from a friend and got in, only to be interrupted by theater staff five minutes into the movie. Apparently, there were eight people that were not supposed to be in the movie and in order to determine who they are, the theater staff used flashlights to check ticket stubs. Can you say annoying? The woman was so upset that she e-mailed theater owners, Evergreen Entertainment, to tell them about her experience.

One would think she would get a free ticket, or at least an apology. But no, company's vice president Steven Payne personally responded telling Sarah: "drive to White Bear Lake and also go *&*% yourself,". Eighteen hours later, Payne sent another email, this time "sincerely" apologizing for his inappropriate response.

The lady has even started a Facebook page calling for a boycott of the theater. We love the internetz and all the ways people choose to waste their time. But really...how the hell is this a news story? And why did we write this post?

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