Friday, February 26, 2010

New Prince track debuts to mixed reactions

This morning 89.3 The Current unveiled the brand new Prince song that everyone's been buzzing about. Mixed reactions on the internetz abound. City Pages, for instance, was left "cringing" and "horrified" while a message board commenters quipped, "Sounds like he was listening to the "Footloose" soundtrack when he wrote this... not "groundbreaking" sound at all..." and ""Prince must be getting a really high score on this round of Rock Band." Also, Pitchfork posted the song on their site and said it was" characteristically batshit."

The MPR DJs had a different perspective, with Jill Rielly saying "When I heard "Cause and Effect" for the first time, the term "rock anthem" instantly came to mind. The new song will delight your senses and melt your face." and Steve Seel chimed in, "The tune is like a little mini-symphony of Prince-ness. It's got a few different sections, some that have that classic funky, sexy, sinewy Prince and some with his more rockish tendencies ... come to think of it, that makes it all classic Prince. Except the rock-y parts might be the hardest he's ever rocked, which is pretty notable in and of itself."

Is this a classic case of purple ass-kissery? Honestly, we'd probably kiss Prince's ass too if he was showing up to our parties and giving us exclusives. Personally, we don't think the song is all bad...some cheesy parts to be sure (crowd cheering interludes for one), but hey, it's PRINCE. He's earned the right to throw crowd cheering into his tracks.

If we were Prince's publicist, however, we'd suggest a couple things.

1. Stop taking yourself so seriously.

2. find some people who will tell you the truth when you're in the production process.

3. Channel '80s Prince.

4. Write a rock opera (while channeling '80s Prince) and debut it at 1st Avenue.

5. Hire us as your publicist.

What do U think of the new Prince track?

We want Prince to paint us a picture, naked, with extra fog.

Here are some local tweeps reactions:

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  1. What does it take to get on this blog anyway? You always screenshot all my friends! Maybe I'm too mean??

  2. Ahhh!!! For some reason I wasn't following you on Twitter. Problem solved. I'm diggin' your bitchy Prince quip. I'll add it. lol

  3. So it's cool if I show up outside your window at 4am then?