Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Would you drink this water?

We don't know whether to scream, laugh, or cry! Steve Marsh posted this epic watercolor painting by local artist Michael Gaughan that features the who's who of the local music scene. This seriously NEEDS to be in mural format somewhere!

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Marsh takes a stab at guessing the identities of the peeps: P.O.S., Brad Cook (Megafaun), Zack Coulter, Justin Vernon?, Adam Hurlburt, Nate Vernon?, James Buckley (photos), Ivan Howard (The Rosebuds), Channy Moon-Caselle, Ryan Olson, Katy Morley, Phil Cook (Megafaun), Brian Moen?, Grant Cutler?, Joe Westerlund (Megafaun), Nick Ryan (Leisure Birds)?, Mike Noyce, Dessa, Jake Luck (Leisure Birds)?, Michael Lewis.

Who do you see?

UPDATE: The watercolor painting mystery has been solved!

Apparently, over 25 local and regional musicians have teamed up to create a record under the moniker Gayngs, which means everybody in that hot tub is going to be involved. Can you say awesome?? Our pal Andrea Swenson has the all the deets, so make sure you check out her post on Gimme Noise blog.

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