Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Usually, if you go to Chatroulette you will end up seeing either three guys in a dorm room getting high or a naked guy. Only the truly lucky ones get to chat with somebody interesting. Paige Dansinger (the Executive Director of the future Jewish Art Museum of Minnesota) is one of those people:

We could not get a hold of Paige to ask her what was the conversation was like and if she had any photos. We did, however, do some research and apparently a few people out there have seen Snoop on Chatroulette. Here's the proof:

Have you seen anybody famous? Paris and Ashton love Chatroulette!

UPDATE: Paige got back to us after we asked her how the chat went: "I loved it!!! Thanks!!! He did ask for a peek... He called the site "slutroulette"- we spent about 15-20s online chatting (dressed)".

Submitted by @marrina.

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