Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend Twitterings

Happy Monday everybody! This edition of Weekend twitterings is all about parties, concerts, Oscar reactions and general musings on.. well, anything and everything! Enjoy!

Twit Pic?

Ah, sweet bromance.

We're afraid this is true.

He is either the best or the worst dad ever.

You gotta appreciate the honesty.

Seriously. What kind of party is that?

Christopher Straub has a pretty bad weekend. So bad, that he deserves a triple tweet. Why? First, his bags were lost.

Then, he gets some crazies as neighbors.

And then this.

We are officially jealous.

Major upset at the Oscars.

Noprah is about right. No new cars for the members of the Academy? Lame.

Submitted by @marrina

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