Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Twitterings

Happy Monday and welcome to the latest edition of Weekend Twitterings, where you talk about SXSW, celebrity sightings, wearing last night's outfit and overall weekend survival tips. Enjoy!

We bet you looked cool up until the fall though, right?

He made it.


Just another night in the "sex district"

We're pretty sure Bastian, if anyone, can pull this off.

The man's got principles. Also: Note to self, take getting Bro Ali to sign our boobs OFF the bucket list.

Yep, we HAVEN'T met Josh yet. (Jeal!)

Yeah, what's up with that? Maybe that's a "good question" for DeRusha?

This party must have been awesome. Also, we want pix.

Excellent SXSW recap.

She totally did! Twice!

Submitted by @marrina

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