Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lauren Conrad's new clothing line has local connection

The lookbook for Lauren Conrad's Spring collection for Kohl's has been released and is making the rounds on the fashion blogs. We have to say, the clothes look pretty cute, however, we tend to credit a lot of the good design aesthetic to former Minneapolitan and past Project Runway contestant, Ra'mon Lawrence Coleman, who collaborated on the line with LC (silently of course). We can totes detect Ra'mon's signature style in many of the pieces! As uber-blogger Perez Hilton said "The clothes don't even look half as cheap as we thought they would." (thanks to Ra'mon!)

Update: l'etoile fashion editor and LOL/OMG contributor, Jahna Peloquin, has posted a blog entry detailing some of the comparisons. Jahna broke this news months ago in an interview with Ra'mon on our sister site, l'etoile magazine.

Update: Woo! We've been linked on's 'The Cut'! Awesomeness!

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