Friday, March 5, 2010

Rejoice! The Parking Ban has been lifted...pretty much

The snow is melting, hooray! And with it comes the lift on the annoying parking ban that forced us to only park on one side of all non-snow emergency route streets. For some of us it wasn't a big deal, but for many of our Uptown brethren it was truly a pain in the ass considering the parking in Uptown is already pretty crazy.

Minneapolis Snow Emergency sent a Facebook status update letting peeps know it was cool to park freely once again. However, there are a few "catches" that will effect some Uptown residents who live on Bryant or Grand:

"Beginning March 5, normal parking rules again apply on city streets, and drivers should continue to follow all posted signs. Signs restricting parking to one side of the street were posted along stretches of Bryant Avenue (from Lake to 50th streets) and Grand Avenue (from Lake to 48th streets), and those restrictions will remain in place until April 1st to allow transit access on those streets."

Plowing is a very dramatic business, clearly.
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