Monday, March 8, 2010

Who is BNLX?

Mysterious NEW local band BNLX released a teaser vid for "Row and Row" off their debut EP, complete a fiery, LOL-worthy vikings theme. We got our mitts on a copy of the new EP, which is set to release on March 20th with a show at Sauce alongside local faves Red Pens, Mercurial Rage and Blue Sky Blackout. The show will also be BNLX's live debut, and the group is comprised of members from Polara and The Moodswings (if that gives you any indication of its sure-fire awesomeness).

We have to say, we've had this EP on repeat for a few days now. We predict good, good things for BNLX. Jump on the bandwagon, eh?

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