Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hate potholes?

Of course you do. The good thing is, you can finally do something about it! Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) is working with SeeClickFix to map the worst potholes in the city and alert the officials in charge of fixing them. By clicking on the interactive map you can "report your potholes" and also track them. In addition, you can write a citizen report too! MPR's Tim Nelson showed initiative by actually joining a public works crew in their mission and he discovered a few things along the way - there are a LOT of potholes and they are REALLY hard to fix. Also, filling potholes is a dangerous business.

Some of the Twitter responses are quite interesting, as people have been chatting about this all day today. @secayford tweets: So, MPR's pothole plotting page is cool and all, but can I just put a big X on the whole city and say "potholes here?"

Do you have anything to report?

Submitted by @marrina.

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