Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chris Osgood and Hugo Klaers talk to MN Original

We pretty much CAN'T WAIT for the premiere of the new TPT arts show, MN Original, on April 22nd. The minds behind the cool new series are doing a great job teasing us with snippets from upcoming episodes.

Today they released a clip via their Facebook page that definitely brings the nostalgia. Chris Osgood (Suicide Commandos) and Hugo Klaers (The Suburbs) reminisce about the good ol' days when Treehouse Records was Oar Folkjokeopus.

Chris and Hugo at the record store from mn original on Vimeo.

Submitted by @letoilemagazine


  1. Thanks for posting this! Lots more good stuff in the pipeline. We'll have some segments from the show post on our web site when we launch at the end of the month.

    Your friend,
    mn original (aka Chuck)

  2. yay Chuck! It's going to be so great!

    xo, l'etoile (aka Kate) :)