Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sorgatz and Carr a la Nic Rad

Now this is brilliant arts marketing! Artist Nic Rad has painted 99 pretty amazing portraits of influential bloggers and media-types and will debut this collection at Rare Gallery in NYC on April 3rd. Cool, eh? If we know the narcissism that goes hand in hand with new media (and we do), this artist has hit the jackpot. How many of his well-read subjects do you expect have re-posted his website? We'd think if even a handful of them did, it would guarantee a packed opening and some automatic notoriety.

The local connection? Well, former Minneapolis social media dynamo/MNSpeak creator Rex Sorgatz and ex-City Pages editor and author David Carr (now of the NY Times) are both featured in the show. We know Rex has already re-posted it on his blog AND on wired.com.

Rex Sorgatz by Nic Rad (are those Tumblr girls in the background?)

David Carr by Nic Rad
Submitted by @letoilemagazine

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