Thursday, March 11, 2010

ROBOTlove, Pink Hobo Gallery and PUNY form a new collabo!

This morning ROBOTlove tweeted a hint about a big announcement today and we've got the exclusive scoop!

This June, well-loved Uptown design boutique, ROBOTlove, will be packing up and moving to Northeast Minneapolis to form a brilliant and fitting partnership with geek art gallery Pink Hobo and interactive design studio, PUNY. Additionally, ROBOTlove owner Kristoffer Knutson has accepted a new position at PUNY as of this coming Monday, completing the circle of pure awesomeness.

From the press release:

"By combining these three elements -- retail, art and industry -- a new spectrum of arts programming will be made available, showcasing and spurring on numerous aspects of the design and interactive community through those who know it best. A planned build-out of the location will create a larger, more connected space that will house a newly designed ROBOTlove retail shop and the Pink Hobo Gallery as well, with PUNY's offices still residing in the back half of the complex. This will mean regular gallery hours for Pink Hobo that include weekends as well as an expanded exhibition schedule that will factor in ROBOTlove featured artists along with ongoing Pink Hobo programming curated by Pink Hobo/PUNY principles, Shad Petosky and Vincent Stall. By playing off the respective focus of each business individually, the newly merged team hopes to provide a broad scope of innovative events, art exhibits, and daily awesomeness for the local community to discover and enjoy."

CONGRATS to all three businesses. We think this is going to be amazing!

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