Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend Twitterings

Spring is in the air and all sorts of interesting things went down this weekend. Mayor sightings, clown sightings (?), Twitter accounts getting hijacked, etc, etc. Enjoy the newest edition of Weekend Twitterings!

We think they're already doing that in Williamsburg.


LOL. Gross.

Twins Crepes?

We think we caught this from @winnerbowzer. We also like how she listed "booze" as a possible remedy.

Sad, but true.

We can always count on @cecilmenk for solid life advice!

The REAL Mayor went out for a beer.

And he Tweeted about it too!

Yes, Marrina. We'd expect nothing less. xo-l'etoile

Ah, the local literati have such a way with words.

This tweet needs no catchy one-liner.

Ok then.


Hey, at least he's honest.

Better safe than sorry! You never know what the Purple one will do (remember that weird Vikings fight song?)

Teach it like you preach it @sneakfetish!

One day the kids are wearing neon spandex, the next, bunny ears.

Ben's Twitter account got hijacked on Saturday night, resulting in a series of hilarious tweets. This Rentzi person needs to get a Twitter account ASAP.

Submitted by @marrina and @letoilemagazine

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