Thursday, March 25, 2010

Foodie dramz

And in the honor of Cristina's plagiarism remark below and the general theme of this piece, we're just going to copy, verbatim, her post from MNSpeak. We're even going to link back to it twice because we're nice. You see, this is the internet, and although all bets are off, there's still room for common courtesy. Cough, Zimmern.

(via MNSpeak)

Yesterday, @cterhark tweeted his excitement over “appearing” on mspmag,com: “Hey, Zimmern called me a foodie! (And cribbed my article, and didn’t mention my name, or where I work). Cool.”

Andrew Zimmern’s “Moron Awards” post references Chuck Terhark’s Metro Mag article on the new street food ordinance. While his entire post revolves around the limitations outlined in Terhark’s report, Zimmern fails to credit both the author and the publication.

“One curious foodie attended the meeting and reported to another website,” he writes.

One curious foodie? Really? Another website? Why so damn evasive and exlusionary? Perhaps @mollypriesmeyer was correct in her reply: “@cterhark OMG. I bet it’s b/c there’s a rule about linking to competition. LAAAAME.”

Lame indeed!

It seems to me a lot of local publications used to fall prey to these silly old protectionist tendencies, but most of them have wised up by now and realized it’s entirely inappropriate in this space. What up?

Besides, I’m sorry, but does this not border on plagiarism?

Can’t we all just get along?

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