Monday, March 29, 2010

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Jimmy Gaines discovers a cool old pic of Paul Westerberg and Alex Chilton. Photo by Ted Barron.

Local gal Tracey Mere travels to Nepal and gets some cool shots.

Denis Jeong Plaster does his weekly photo booth at Too Much Love and gets this awesome shot -- looks like an ad campaign! Full slideshow at

The boys of Rogue Citizen do some live painting for a good cause at the Ivory Tower Art Auction.

Former Minneapolitan, Mikal Arnold, plays photographer for a day while on the job in Spain with local Journalist, Steve Marsh. Arnold says of this pic, "Marsh got me a position as an official photographer for the Osasuna-Barça game. I felt like a Make-A-Wish kid who´s wish got mixed up with that of someone else."

Christian Erickson gets this iconic shot of the Turf Club at the "Jennefit."

Photographer Jen Barnett gets an amazing shot of Downtown Minneapolis and the new Twins Stadium.

The lovely Inari Min debuts a new Facebook profile pic, just in time for her move to New York. Gotta make an impression, right? Photo by Serah.

David De Young goofs around with a Pez dispenser at King's Wine Bar. Neat shot!

A 5-year old took this. Cool composition! Edited by Christina Bowers.

A dude checking out selected works of interactive design at the AIGA Design Show at the Walker Art Center's Skyline Room. Nice view! Photo by C. Erickson.

Alex Uncapher snaps peeps having an awesome time at Bomp at the Bedlam Theatre. Full slideshow at

Amanda Hankerson scores this epic pic of a bingo caller at a Fish Fry at St. Albert's Church on Friday. Awesome!

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Submitted by @letoilemagazine and @marrina

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