Thursday, March 11, 2010

l'étoile posts a new photo shoot

Our blood bros over at l'étoile are back with more stylish hijinx! Today they released a new fashion photo shoot over various social media networks using Issuu as their presentation format. We're totally clicking the 'like' button!

For the shoot, the l'étoile team travel to Crosby Park in St. Paul to bid adieu to Winter with a lovely model who we expect was very, very cold. The intro to the editorial goes something like this:

As March advances, the Snow Queen's icy grip lessens and our longest season fades into the past. Though we rejoice for the sun and spring, it is impossible not to mourn the loss of the winter's royal majesty. Master storyteller Rob Callahan weaves a fantastical tale following the Snow Queen's ascendance and fated waning as she melts away.

Click to enlarge the spread and page through the photos

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