Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Emmer waits tables at Ol' Mexico

As you've all likely heard by now, Rightwingnut Tom Emmer's suggestion to freeze wages on service workers was met with complete outrage state-wide, so much so it even inspired a Facebook group entitled MN Service Industry Workers Against Tom Emmer for Governor which boasts over 1200 members. Well, Emmer tried to cover up his flub by creating a crappy YouTube video of himself waiting tables and prattling on about what he actually meant by the statements he made.

Emmer is having an OPEN meeting Wednesday the 14th from 3-4:30pm at Ol' Mexico Restaurante and Cantina in Roseville. Hopefully the cities' service workers show up in full force to fling pies voice their opinions, though considering the time frame, the majority of them will probably be -- you guessed it -- at work.

ps-Tip your servers! :)

UPDATE: Someone flagged the EmmerForGovernor YouTube channel as "inappropriate content" so you have to actually log in to YouTube to view it. Pretty funny prank, but the downside is now we can't imbed the video. Oh well, @danekryan sent us the original vid of him spouting off about tip credits and minimum wage and sucking up to a bunch of rich guys. Enjoy:

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