Monday, July 19, 2010

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Familia Skateshop hosts a skate contest at the Bastille Day Block Party. Awesome! Photo by Alan Bergman.

Meredith Westin gets some great shots of Solid Gold and Lookbook at WAMplified this past Saturday. Jay Gabler writes a great corresponding article that includes documentation of a Twitter Wall war here.

Artist Jennifer Sandquist works on her submission for the ART VOTES exhibit and poster contest. Deadline is on the 20th people, details here.

Sharyn Morrow shoots artist Dan Wieken goofin' around at the opening of his show at Echo Studios in St. Paul.

The MIA's Christopher Atkins checks out the new Rosalux Gallery space in Northeast!

Jake Rudh snaps peeps gettin' wild at his "Ladies of the '80s" edition of Transmission this past Wednesday. Slideshow at City Pages here.

Sean Smuda snaps a saucy shot of the Lili's Burlesque girls!

Paul Durham snaps this cool shot through the windshield of his car. We like!

Colleen Guenther captures the essence of Scott Seekins at the Bastille Day Block Party on Sunday.

Andy DuCett visits somewhere clearly rural. We'd totally eat here. ps-this Facebook album has some amazing photos from DuCett's travels over the years!

Christina Rimstad and her bro Bobby go fishing. Cool lighting!

Cute newlyweds Jake Luck and Lisa Yednorowicz celebrate their union with cold brewskis!

Vanessa Messersmith is either impressed by the size of these blueberries or she's really poor.

Emma Berg snaps a pic of the awesome bubblegum flavored ROBOTlove b-day cake created by Thea Farrington of Perfect Day Cakes before it was devoured at Thursday's Grand Re-opening/6th anniversary party! The inside was pink and grey -- ROBOTlove branded!

Knol + Elliot of Satellite Voices = Cute!

Mother Nature wreaked havoc on Tim Ritter and Angie Heitz's maple tree during the storm on Saturday. Crazy!

Becky Lang snaps the Screen Printing on the Cheap crew celebrating their FEAST win. We can't wait to see what they do with the money! Congrats you guys!

Emily Konkler's cat is pretty awesome.

Courtney Thomas kicks back over the warm weekend. This reminds us of an album cover!

Christopher Straub shows off his latest yard project: Painting a garden gnome gold. We think this is brilliant!! Bling gnomes all the way!

Christian Erickson snaps Josh and James of Elite Gymnastics doin' their thang at Sauce this weekend.

Local actor Greg Hernandez snaps an arty shot of a City of Minneapolis sign with the simple caption "I love you, man!" We totally agree!

Hillary Weeks tests out the hilarious "Younicornme" photo app. Nice!

Kern Nickerson takes a trip to Glacier National Park and gets some simply gorgeous shots.

Pretty lady Kate O'Reilly Hillesheim takes her kids on an outing to the park. Pic by Mk Dwyer.

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