Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Twitterings

Hello Twitterers! Thanks for providing a ton of great material for LOL/OMG. We would especially like to thank @missmaraalicia who had such an exiting Friday night, we had to give her a triple tweet. Trust me, it's good.

Absinthe party at Eden? That sounds divine!

Of course!

Triple tweet of the week!

It's true, you should try it.

And where was our invite?!

Let's hear some suggestions people!

This doesn't happen every day.

Oops. (see our This Week in Uploaded Pictures post!)

Oh, the morning after.

Pretty cool, I'd say!

So cute!

Ah, the Hamm's Beer Chest. Stay classy @brokenhalo!

That's what it's like to be a musician's wife.

LOL! Pix please!

We'd hate to smell 1000 Hitlers!

This prediction came true.

Yep, it's happening.

Submitted by @marrina.


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  2. Re: Mythical creatures, the answer is that we do! Babe and the Blue Ox, yo.