Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jeremy Messersmith reporting live from CONvergence!

Jeremy Messersmith here with a report from CONvergence. I'll be working this weekend as a l'etoile Magazine correspondent. The main fashion event, The Masquerade, is being held later this evening at 7pm, but I thought a few photos might give you a taste of what the biggest sci-fi convention in the midwest is like:

It's common to see lovingly crafted costumes, and people posing for several minutes so everyone can take snapshots.

There are all sorts of parties, panels and clubs at CONvergence, some delve deep into sci fi theology.

Steam punk equals 1 part Victorian attire, 1 part goggles, and 1 part HUGE GUNS.

Culinary fans will also find CONvergence a source of unorthodox food choices...most of the served on toast.

I chose nutella, marshmallow creme and banana. It may not look like much, but it was delish.

There are flyers everywhere for different events, but I zeroed in on this one by local sci-fi writer/Jagercon regular Rob Callahan.

Follow Jeremy's twitter throughout the weekend to read about all his exploits at the CONvergence Convention. And check back next week for his full review of the event!

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