Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

Tucker Gerrick and pals stop off for some ice cream at Granny's Pantry in Battle Lake.

WTF of the Week: Chuck Visger snaps this hilarious pic at the CONvergence Convention.

Sean Smuda does Devo.

Hillary Weeks spots a strange sign in St. Paul.

Allison LaBonne snaps Ali Lozoff getting up close and personal with a robot over the holiday weekend, surprisingly NOT at the CONvergence convention.

Meredith Westin snaps peeps rockin' out at the Taste. We wonder what that guy is smoking!

Stephen Trevino of 526 Salon does makeup for l'etoile's "Midsummer Night's Dream" photo shoot with the Strange Capers.

Paul Durham relaxes on the beach at Madeleine Island.

Steve Marsh visits the sculpture garden in downtown Des Moines over the holiday weekend.

Former Minneapolitan Isaac Arvold and pal get cozy in a hammock.

Matt Perkin's snaps P.O.S. rocking the Current's traveling mustache at the Taste. We certainly hope they have more than one of those things. #germs

Another Con pic: Stephen Stephens captures the essence of the CONvergence Convention perfectly. Everything about this picture is freaking awesome.

Brant Kingman and his "tribe." We miss the Kingman parties!

The Red Pens' Laura Bennett shoots birds being creepy. Like in the movie "Birds" ya know?

Apryl Electra cruises around in a golf cart over the 4th of July weekend. Too cute!

@myklroventine's Barbie pool party gets a little wild.

Diamond Dog eating contest at the new Depot Tavern!

The Hold Steady rocks First Ave. Twitpic by @fivesixzero

We assume no fingers were blown off. Photo by Judy Grundstrom.

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