Monday, July 26, 2010

This Week in (Uploaded) Pictures

The dapper Allan Kleckner and LOL/OMG contributor Jahna Peloquin pose for Tony Nelson's cam at the Mad Men Season 4 premiere party! Slideshow at City Pages here.

Caitlin Karolczak gets sassy at the Mad Men party. Photo by Stacy Schwartz for More pics here.

@wr3n captures Chuck from MN Original in "rawr" mode at Mears Park.

Sallie Watson of the Mood Swings plays a leisurely game of Croquet while on vaca at Madeline Island. We're jealous!

Emma Berg stumbles across something strange in a warehouse district window: a sculpture of a hot dog squirting condiments on itself!

Jay Gabler snaps Nalini Ramer being all-American. We love this!

Rachael Crew enjoys a beautiful summer day on the lake...with beer!

Dena Alspach plucks some serrano peppers from her personal garden to make the perfect batch of salsa. Invite us over anytime, Dena!

Jeremy Neimann snaps this weird/awesome pic of his wife Josie and DJ Millions Billions throwin' down jams at the Red Bull Flugtag pre-party on Friday night.

Beth Lorraine Bowman captures the vibe at the K. Jurek 5-Year Anniversary fashion show!

Christopher Atkins snaps an arty shot at the Red Dragon. We love the composition, despite the fact there are baseball caps in it!

Paula Schonfeld Wendel snaps the shenanigans at the Redbull Flugtag.

Janey Winterbauer finds a funny sign. Like one commenter said, "Who would want to? Yuck!"

Andrew Swensson and Robyn Lewis get some (temporary) knuckle tats.

Hilary Weeks to...uh...well, ok, we don't really know how to describe this pic, but we totally love it.

Nikki Miller tells that hill what's what!

Old-school art scenesters gather to remember the late, great artist Gus Gustafson a.k.a. "the Mayor of the Warehouse District" who passed away at the untimely age of 54 in 2003. Bonus: middle fingers!

Chuck goes blueberry scavenging.

Leslie Plesser shoots the action at the Racktacular benefit event!

WTF picture of the week: Johnny Fillman gets harassed by the Lego man during rush hour on 394.

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