Friday, July 30, 2010

Link of the Day: Hellbound Hipsters

Thanks to Becky Lang for posting this oh-so insightful quote on her blog, courtesy of, a site, we've found offers an endless supply of things to laugh at/be appalled by. Between rants about who's going to hell and who isn't, filling you in on the downside of being a "fag hag" and even contemplating whether or not gay pets go to heaven, they still have time to give props to the Cheesecake Factory.

So take note, hipsters, ya'll better stop masturbating and blogging or it's straight to hell with the lot of you! LOLZ! (hipster internet slang)

"Hipsters are nothing to be proud of and they are certainly nothing for a national media organization to celebrate. They represent indulgence and failure of every kind. From their incessant need to have pre-marital sex or else masturbate themselves numb to their shameless willingness to feed from the trough of hardworking Americans to support their blogs, indie bands or t-shirt companies, these people embody the death of the Puritan ethic. They live like 14-year olds– emotionally stunted, egomaniacal, crying for no reason and then twittering about it. They dress like 14-year olds as well, often in cartoon character clothes that show off unpleasant patches of skin. Were it not for their bruises and awkward facial hair, it would be impossible to tell them apart from actual drunk teenagers."

Him? Yeah, he's going straight to hell.

quote via Becky Lang's tumblr (she's going to hell too)

Submitted by @letoilemagazine

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