Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Girl wonders to unite in the name of rock n' roll!

If this happens it could be really quite epic/awesome/brilliant!

We noticed a Facebook convo between local rock n' roll babes Mayda Miller (Mayda) and Laura Bennett (Red Pens). And being our nosey selves, we had to inquire.

We messaged Mayda asking her "For realz?" and for permission to spill the beans on LOL/OMG, to which she responded in the affirmative and said "we got a little something stirring. maybe a little doowoppy... a little sassy... laura in beehives and paint. you want in?"

And while we were rather flattered by invitation, the fact that we can't even properly clap to a beat ruled out us joining the band -- but we will definitely be the first ones on the bandwagon when it actually happens! We can't wait to hear what these two talented broads cook up for us! And now that it's been written about, they're totally obligated to go through with it, right?

Plus, they are both hot and totally bad ass, so they've already got that part of "successful band" covered:

Submitted by @letoilemagazine


  1. oh we are going through with it alright. as soon as busy gig summer for both of us tapers to a break, we will start cooking. eat it up. but the plan starts now. thank goodness for private thoughts and silent texting. <3

  2. this cant be true is it? wow!

  3. is there anyone else in this girl action? come on?

  4. youll find out when you find out....:)