Friday, July 23, 2010

Jason vs. Jason

If you've been following Twitter at all today, you know the race is ON to see who can raise the most moola for a good cause! Both Jason Matheson and Jason DeRusha are heading up fundraising efforts for the United Way. On one side, we have Matheson as captain of Team Shelter, on the other, DeRusha as captain of Team Hunger. Other personalities Vineeta Sawkara and Rena Sarigianopoulos head up teams for literacy and wellness.

AND, after careful consideration LOL/OMG has decided to officially endorse DeRusha - our fellow unapologetic social media whore. He's currently in last place and we always like a good underdog. Vote for your favorite Team Hunger HERE.

Update: Team Hunger has climbed into 3rd place!

But we have to give props where props are due: Today, Matheson released a hilarious video encouraging people to stop Jason DeRusha's ego from getting any bigger by voting for team Shelter. We can't wait for the response video!

Thanks to the Justjudyjudyjudy blog for bringing this clip to our attention!

UPDATE: DeRusha tweeted us his own promo video. And while he doesn't really take any jabs at Matheson, he does randomly manage to sit under a Save Canvas sign (#street cred) while eating a tub of butter.

Submitted by @letoilemagazine


  1. Thanks for the post! Of course I think the video is for sure LOL. It's ok if you endorse DeRusha, I just hope, of the sake of the kitty's that it doesn't go to his head ...


  2. We are dog people. So suck on that, Grundstrom!