Monday, July 19, 2010

Do you own an Uptown pint glass? Facebook wants to know.

Today, in awesome Facebook groups: some nostalgic local folks have started a group called "Do You Own an Uptown Bar & Cafe Pint Glass from Minneapolis? " The page states:

The Uptown is trying to re- open in Lyn- Lake, a nearby neighborhood to Uptown. They are waiting on approval from the City Council for a liquor license that would allow them to continue hosting an amazing music scene and start another chapter of history. Therefore, my goal is simple. I would like to show the City Council how far The Uptown's reach is. I would like to know how many people out there own an Uptown glass, and where you live. Even if you would like to add how many you have, that's cool too. i would guess there are Uptown glasses spanning the globe, now let's see if it's true.

And guess what? Everybody does own an Uptown pint glass. Or at least over 500 people (and counting) in the Twin Cities and beyond do! Below are some of the most fun/interesting comments from those who are still holding on to a glass from their favorite bar:

Lynn Annis
Yes! Six from me.Becki Frestedt About 10 years ago a group of friends was going to start a drive to gather them up and return them, we each had so many. So glad we didn't. I think I'm down to 2-3.

Cristine Wurm
Thought my hubs was gonna kill me when I broke the last one...

Erin Huegel
I have about 10 in my cupboard (in Mpls), but could've had about 60+ considering how many drinks I had there. I've only broken 1 glass - the day I heard the Uptown was closing. :(

Carrie Divine Hagan
I do! I now live in Alabama and went to a small bar in Montgomery and they actually gave me my drink in an Uptown glass. Craziness!

Lucas Szczepanik
I had 8 originally. The move from minneapolis to calgary, to windsor has left me with only 1 survivor.

Richard Molby Had about 45 at one time. Then I got married and my now ex-wife didn't see the charm. Two regrets, didn't get out of that sooner and of the 4 I kept, none are the Minneapolis / Owatonna version. :(

Al Grande Uptown pint glasses were my ex-wife's favorite thing to throw at my head.

Photo by Scott T. Hurlbut

Submitted by @marrina.

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