Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bedlam to be booted

Say it ain't so! Our favorite experimental theater house, the Bedlam Theatre, is getting ousted from its space of four years to make way for a mosque. The Bedlam was on a month-to-month lease with its landlord, Fine Associates, who made it clear from the get-go that its situation was temporary and that the property was slated for eventual redevelopment. The news, however, still came as a shock, as Bedlam directors expected the redevelopment plans were still aways off.

As it stands, the Bedlam has a mere seven weeks left before it's booted, and staffers are scrambling to figure out a contingency plan. Bedlam's programming is booked out well past the move date and they are currently looking for a new space, or at least somewhere to move their booked shows until something is figured out.

The Strib has a detailed article on the subject here.

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